About Us

Back in 2015 Errol Woodhouse had just completed the sale of some properties to first-time buyers, all of whom needed the help of the government's "Help to Buy Scheme”. It occurred to him that he could do more for first-time buyers than just build property, and that first-time buyers’ deposits could be raised via a peer-to-peer platform, making funds available for both pre-owned and new property. The funds would be provided by willing volunteer investors seeking income, rather than by long-suffering taxpayers. This gave rise to this quite unique and innovative platform named “Property Pact” to describe the “pact" between investor and borrower.

Since that brainwave, Errol has brought together a team of specialists from all the essential professions to provide and support this unique service to help first-time buyers, the bank of "mum and dad" and investors seeking a reliable income with the additional benefit of capital appreciation linked to the housing market. This team is supported by a customer care team, as the company has been founded on the promise of delivering benefits to clients and a culture of customer care is core to the business.

This company is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA); and registered with HMRC and ICO.

Errol Woodhouse - Property Pact Founder and CEO
Errol Woodhouse

Founder & CEO

John Derry-Collins - Property Pact Compliance Risk Officer
John Derry-Collins

Compliance Risk Officer

Dean Upton - Property Pact CFO
Dean Upton

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Walker - Property Pact Distribution Partner
Steve Walker

Distribution Partner